Enhance Fun with Aqua Tile: The Future of Aquatic Safety Surfaces

Having aquatic safety surfaces is a top priority for pools, waterparks, and splash pads. With Aqua Tile, you can revolutionize the safety and enjoyment of water play areas. Our innovative multi-directional textured tiles are designed to minimize slip and fall injuries while enhancing the overall experience. Discover how Aqua Tile is setting new standards in aquatic flooring. 

Why Choose Aqua Tile? 

Aqua Tile offers a range of benefits that make it the ideal choice for aquatic environments: 

  • Slip Resistant: Aqua Tile’s patent-pending multi-directional texture significantly reduces the risk of slip and fall injuries, providing a safer environment for everyone. 
  • Impact Attenuation: Our tiles are designed to absorb the impact of falls, reducing the likelihood of injury. 
  • UV Stabilized: Aqua Tile maintains its slip resistance, cushioning, and color integrity even after prolonged exposure to intense UV rays. 
  • Chemical Resistant and Easy to Clean: Engineered to withstand chemical shock, Aqua Tile retains its properties and is easy to clean. 


Unique Features of Aqua Tile 

  • Multi-Directional Slip Resistance 
    • Aqua Tile’s patent-pending design features a unique multi-directional texture that enhances grip from all angles. This innovation is crucial in wet environments where traditional flooring might fail. Whether it’s a splash pad or a pool deck, our tiles provide unmatched slip resistance, making it safer for children and adults to enjoy water activities. 
  • Impact Attenuation for Fall Protection 
    • Safety is not just about preventing slips but also cushioning falls. Aqua Tile’s closed-cell foam tiles offer superior impact attenuation, dramatically reducing the risk of injury. This feature makes our tiles ideal for high-traffic aquatic areas where falls are inevitable. 
  • Collections to Match Your Style 
    • Aqua Tile’s Coastal and Caribbean collections offer a variety of designs to suit different aesthetic preferences: 
      • Marine, Pacific, and Tide (Coastal Collection): These 24 x 24-inch tiles are 3/8” thick and perfect for a sleek, modern look. 
      • Reef, Splash, and Tropic (Caribbean Collection): These tiles also come in 24 x 24-inch sizes with a 3/8” thickness, offering vibrant and tropical designs. 

Custom color collections are available to meet specific design needs, ensuring that Aqua Tile not only enhances safety but also adds visual appeal to your aquatic environment. 

  • Long-Lasting Durability 
    • Aqua Tile is engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of aquatic environments. Our tiles are UV stabilized to prevent degradation from sunlight, ensuring they remain effective and vibrant over time. Additionally, their chemical resistance ensures that exposure to pool chemicals won’t compromise their safety features or appearance. 
  • Easy Maintenance 
    • Maintaining Aqua Tile is simple. The tiles are designed to resist chemical damage, making them easy to clean and keep hygienic. This ease of maintenance ensures that your aquatic play areas remain safe and appealing with minimal effort. 


Aqua Tile’s Mission 

Aqua Tile was founded by industry veterans with over 50 years of combined experience in manufacturing, flooring, and safety standards. Our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable safety flooring for aquatic recreation. We aim to reduce the risk of injury and enhance the fun in water play areas worldwide. 

Worldwide Installations 

With installations across the globe, Aqua Tile is trusted by waterparks, municipalities, health clubs, and residential areas. Our team excels at designing and installing the safest modular flooring solutions for various aquatic environments. Aqua Tile exceeds all industry safety standards, providing a surface with superior friction and impact reduction compared to traditional options like concrete. 


Aqua Tile is the future of aquatic flooring, combining safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Our innovative multi-directional textured tiles are designed to enhance safety and enjoyment in water play areas. Choose Aqua Tile for a safer, more fun aquatic experience. Revolutionize your pool, waterpark, or splash pad with the world’s first multi-directional slip-resistant tile. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Aqua Tile is underfoot, providing extra friction and a soft landing for all your water activities. 

Safety and fun. All in one.

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