We believe that having a safe environment doesn’t mean having a boring one.

Our mission

Aqua Tile was founded by industry veterans who have over 50 years in combined manufacturing, flooring, and safety standard experience. Aqua Tile identified a need for high quality yet affordable safety flooring in the aquatic recreation industry. Whether it is a splash pad, water park or pool deck, slips and falls are inevitable. Aqua Tile has a mission to provide a product that reduces the risk of injury and increases the amount of fun.

Our patent pending, multi-directional textured tile was created to provide a safer water play area by both increasing slip resistance and impact attenuation. With installations worldwide, our team excels at designing and installing the safest modular flooring solution for waterparks, municipalities, health clubs and residential high traffic areas.

Aqua Tile’s product exceeds all safety inspections as defined by industry standards. The primary feature of this standard is to provide a surface with as much or more friction than brushed concrete as well as a reduction in the force of impact, specifically in the event of a fall. Our closed-cell foam tiles act as a cushion, dramatically decreasing the potential for injury as compared with traditional aquatic surfaces like concrete. Whether you, your child, or grandma is crawling, running, or jumping around the water, you can worry a little less knowing Aqua Tile is under foot providing extra friction and a soft landing.


Safety and fun. All in one.

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